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Villa Duo

Project Type: Residential

Location:  Göbene, Alaçatı, İzmir


Design: Başak Akkoyunlu


Landscape Design:

Terry Filidis Landscape Design


Year: 2017-2018 

Status: Built

Built Area: 360m²


Project is designed and built at Alacati, a quite famous tourism center in Turkey.


The plot is not near the sea and as well as outer living is emphasized in this region the house was designed for 12 months living as briefed by the user. Also in 700m2 plot, 2 adjacent houses should be built.


For a twin house project, the field was rather narrow (17mx41m), narrow side facing the road. So instead of having 2 adjacent narrow houses, L shaped back to back houses planned, where full width of the field is used for the gardens.


The narrow and long geometry of the field is used as an advantage that all spaces planned, including the ones on the first floor, facing to the living space/garden of its own house, which also minimised the contact with the life of the adjacent house. Furthermore; the privacy issue resulting from the living spaces of the adjacent houses being next to each other in twin houses, is eliminated by this settlement.

The narrow but long swimming pool is designed along the full width of the narrow side of the field with a jacuzzi combined with the pool’s stairs. In addition to the terrace which is adjacent to the house, there also is a “fire pit”, whose elevation is lower than the garden next to the pool.


Natural materials have been chosen for the facade. Iroko cladding is used horizontally at the upper floor, framed with dark grey painted plaster areas, in order to support the linear design of the mass, continuously outside the bath and walk-in closet’ windows. 

Horizontal lines have been used again on the natural stone wall cladding of the ground floor. The stair facade that connects the two floors is made visible on the façade by the use of wooden pillars and glass, letting in the light. Also, wood and natural stone is combined at the fire place wall in the living room, facing the stairs.

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