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As BAD-Basak Akkoyunlu Design, we provide services in commercial or residential projects of all scales, from Concept Project stage to Application and Detail Projects, with considering the finest details.

We know that realizing creative projects requires a unique motivation, ambition, skill and technical know-how.

At BAD-Basak Akkoyunlu Design, we only work/collaborate with the best in our team to ensure that we offer the best solution to our customers.

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In the projects whose architectural projects were completed by BAD-Basak Akkoyunlu Design, we believe that the Interior Architecture Project should be drawn by BAD-Basak Akkoyunlu Design in order to ensure the integrity of the project, and in this regard, we design projects down to the smallest detail so that the spaces you will live in come into existence as in your dreams.



As BAD-Basak Akkoyunlu Design, we provide Design Compliance Control service in order to ensure that the project's value is at the highest level, that it can be controlled down to the smallest detail by the architectural group, and that the situations that may arise on the construction site can be answered in a short time and in accordance with the project concept.




We undertake the turnkey implementation of your project with the right teams, budget control and correct programming, under a single responsibility, in order to realize the projects designed down to the smallest detail by BAD-Basak Akkoyunlu Design.

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