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Ilıca Thermal / Garden

Project Type: Entertainment

Location:  Ilıca, İzmir

Client: Çeşme Municipality


Design: Başak Akkoyunlu


Year: 2016


Plor Area: 25 000m² 

Built Area: 9 000m²

mixed use

An accommodation and entertainment facility with indoor and outdoor aquaparks on a total of 25 000 m² land belonging to Çeşme Municipality in Ilıca, İzmir facility has been designed.


The records of the thermal waters in the region, where the first analyzes were made as thermal water by the French in 1876, date back to 146 BC. 

The spring located in the project land, called "Topan Bath" still continues to boil from the ground and connection between commercial zone of Ilıca coast premenad ve_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb358-1363bad5 located in the square designed to build.

This square transforms into the land and forms the main backbone of the aquapark. It is thought that the Aquapark slide towers will also be designed as a part of the project and will have a symbolic feature for Ilıca.


It was requested that 2.500m² of the commercial area, which was built in the north of the project land in 2001 and which is still not used, be used as hotel/residence.


The busiest area of the facility (aquapark slides) west of the land  is left. A garden area of 10 meters has been left in the south of the office building, which will be transformed into an accommodation facility, and the thermal pools have been cascaded down to approximately 4 meters.

Thus, a commercial area serving the thermal pools was created under the garden left in front of the hotel, and the privacy of the hotel rooms with the garden was ensured. In addition, the pools of the closed aquapark facility, which will be located on the west of the land and will be entered from the large parking area opposite the Ilıca Bus Terminal, are built at this lower level, and a structure that does not rise in the silhouette but has a 9-meter-high indoor area is designed.


3.000 m² partial opening of the roof and side facade of the aquapark, which has a closed area, which will make it possible to use in the intermediate seasons.


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